What is Web Design?
Web Design and Development is the task of designing HTML driven web pages and applications to be displayed over the World Wide Web.

Web design encompasses a number of important elements including layout, colour, graphics and text.

A good Web designer considers the site's audience and function when communicating with their client and together decide upon the best design for the client site.

Here at Burgess Freelance Solutions, we only use WC3 approved code, which is clean, robust and effective.
Website Facts
It is a fact that after 12 months your website must be rehabilitated due to the constant changes in Security, SEO and Modern Design Concepts.

The Maximum life span of a modern website is Two Years! Then your site must be replaced with a site that meets the acceptable standards. If your site is not meeting the current requirements for search engines, then you're losing business!
Website Hype
You get what you pay for! A $1500 website must be far better than a $25.00 Website.

Well this is true, if your business is transferring funds via banking institutions or accepting major credit cards etc. You will expect to pay for the "security" required to operate these types of sites.

Today's modern websites are made up of several different languages, some work at the front end (what we see) others work at the back end, and still others on the server.

All these languages are the same in every website, some are coded better than others, but basically they are all the same.

The difference today is that website designers and developers are expecting the consumer to pay for their intellectual property, "The Design".
Design and Development Software
The organisation that oversees the World Wide Web and sets International Standards is the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C. The W3C develop open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.

At Burgess Freelance Solutions, we only use professional quality software to develop your website!

All website concepts developed by us meet or exceed the W3C standards, in terms of development code, scripting and images.
Design Brief Agreement - It is Your Website!
We do all the work for you!

The website being developed is "Your" Website, we are just helping you launch it onto the internet.

Once we enter into a Design Brief agreement, you have total say as to what you want and what you do not like.

Burgess Freelance Solutions, will design and develop a site to your specifications and offer you advice and guidance concerning the latest trends in site designs and social media.
Everybody needs a website!
Website Design & Development
We design and develop professional, modern, fast, robust web sites for Small Businesses, Clubs and Personal use.

We use the latest HTML, CSS and Scripting to provide you the customer with a website that meets and exceeds the industry standards.

• All sites developed are designed with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in the first instance, so they attract the best results on all major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

• All our sites are Mobile Ready!
What type of sites can we build for you?

• Web site's, one page and multiple page sites.
• Small Business Websites.
• Sporting Club Websites.
• Bridal Websites.
• Family Tree Websites.
• Electronic Resume Websites.
• PC Gaming Websites.
• And any other type of site you can imagine!
We also Offer Third Party Web Site Design
Heard about sites like WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Joomla?

These types of hosts are well suited to offer a basic web solution at no to minimal cost.

Burgess Freelance Solutions will build your site on any Third Party Solution of your choosing, including but not limited to the following:
Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)
There are a multitude of well-established site offering Electronic Commerce for FREE.

Burgess Freelance Solutions are able to advise and set up the best possible solution for your store and products.

For e-commerce solutions please use our contact form Here.
So how does this work?
Once you decide to employ our solutions, you can contact us via the contact form located Here.

After we receive your contact information we will respond via email with a Design Brief document which you may add all the information you think will be necessary for us to star work on your website.
The cost of each site varies depending on the requirements of the site, however we can offer you a basic five page site with the following included:
• Client Requirements Assessment and Design Concept Brief.

• Programming, Testing and Installation of your new website.

• Depending on your requirements the first five pages are included in the initial quote, this may include but is not limited to: A Landing Page, Services Page, Store Page, About Page, Contact Page or any combination you choose.

• FREE revision of the design of your website, until you are happy!

• FREE Social Media Integration: Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

• FREE Basic Search Engine Optimization.

• FREE Guidance as to how you can update your new website yourself.
All of the above for a locked in Cost of: $50.00 AUD
Additional costs not included in the above price will be incurred for an extra add-on such as:

• Logo Design and Branding.

• Advanced JavaScript and PHP Scripting.

• Advanced Content Management System.

• E-Commerce Integration.
On a Budget?
Need a website fast and strapped for cash? No problem!

Burgess Freelance Solutions can offer you our professionally designed range of Design Concepts for as little as:
$25.00 AUD locked in!
Included in the package is:

• One to Five pages  this may include but is not limited to: A Landing Page, Services Page, Blog Page, About Page, Contact Page or any combination you choose.

• 5 FREE revisions of the content that you require in the concept design.

• FREE Social Media Integration: Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

• FREE Search Engine Optimization.
Integrated Social Media - Free of charge!
All of our websites have Social Media integrated for FREE!
Refunds and Shipping
Please see our FAQ information
Require Fast and Reliable Hosting? Then you need ZUVER!

Check out their Hosting Plans Here
Evoking Emotion
Website Design Concepts
Burgess Freelance Solutions are proud to offer you these full featured, professionally designed, website design concepts, at a minimal cost.

All of our design concepts meet the World Wide Web Consortium requirements or exceed them.
Why select or use a Design Concept?
A design concept is an idea that becomes a design. It is the underlying creativity for how you will design a website.

Many savvy businesses are choosing to use a website template, and avoiding employing a professional designer. Why? Well, there are clear benefits in terms of saving on cost, saving on time, and ensuring quality.

With the internet growing so fast the life of a business website is now around 12 months.

A website concept is a ready-made design, it includes images, some navigation, preferably several sample pages and in some cases animation.

However, it has no content related to you, your club or business. All of that information must be gathered from the client and transferred into the design.
View some Website Design Concepts?
Image of a Burgess Freelance Concept
Image of a Burgess Freelance Concept
Image of a Burgess Freelance Concept
Image of a Burgess Freelance Concept
Image of a Burgess Freelance Concept
Image of a Burgess Freelance Concept
Business Solutions
Website's built to Your Requirements
Small Business Websites require that special something to make them stand out from the crowd.

They need to "Sell" your products or services to potential clients from all over the globe.

A Business website must:

• Fast to Load - you have less than 5 seconds to impress a customer.
• Have a Clear Homepage - Sending the right message.
• Be SEO-Friendly.
• Have Easy Navigation.
• Fresh Content.
• Contact Information.
• Security.
• Mobile Ready.
• Help Guide or FAQ.
• Be available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Freelance Design Brief
Because each business is unique, once you contact us, we will send you out a Business Design Brief document.

This document covers most of the information required for us to provide you with a quote on the cost of building a brand new site or to rehabilitate an existing site.

For any other information required email will be used as the primary contact method.
Website Rehabilitation
Do you already have a website? No problem, we can take that site and rehabilitate it into a brand new responsive site.

As long as you have access to the sites HTML documents and images, we are able to duplicate your original site and make it responsive and SEO friendly.

Simply contact us for the details, the cost depends upon the number of pages requiring rehabilitation, the complexity of the design / development and the details completed in the Freelance Design Brief and Solutions Agreement.
From Static to Responsive!
Image of several mobile and one pc screen
Stand out from the crowd!
Burgess Freelance Solutions

I hold Australian recognised qualifications in Information Technology. Qualifications include Website Design and Development, Advanced Software Design and Development as well as System Administration and Desktop Support.
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